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Blood Results of Parrots Only Eating Seed

Posted: 28/12/2016



If I were to choose one piece of educational material it would be this!

The two tubes comprise of blood taken from two birds. On the RIGHT is BIRD1 and the LEFT BIRD2. The test is called a PCV and it divides blood into their 3 components: red blood cells (dark red bottom section), serum (should be clear to straw coloured top section) and a buffy coat (the tiny white band separating the red blood cells from the serum - made up of white blood cells). BIRD1 eats the diet advocated by Avian Vets globally (60% pellets, 20% fruit and veg, 10% seed and 10% human food). BIRD2 is a seed-eater with minimal fruit and vegetables. BIRD2 is currently in our hospital fighting for its life. BIRD2 has what we call severe lipaemia (literally has fats floating in its blood = solid white part at the top of the tube). This is in most part due to the SEED diet. Other causes are liver disease and hypothyroidism. Imagine the heart trying to pump sludge throughout the body! 

If you could correct one thing that would make a major difference to the health of your parrot it would be diet. Please pass this on and let knowledge flow. We can make many little lives much better!

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