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Prestige australian parrot mix

Prestige african grey parrot mix

Hagen gourmet – large parrot mix

Hagen gourmet – small parrot mix

Elite parrot food

Daro - frooty parrot mix

Avi-plus parrot / parakeet

Avi-plus lorikeet nector

Avi-plus mynah / softbill

Avi-plus mynah pellets

Avi-plus parrot delight gourmet mix

Avi-plus- parrot maintenance

Avi-plus parrot breeder

Avi-plus parrots delight

macaw, cockatoo, amazon, african grey, conure, ringneck, cockatiel, lovebird, budgie

Kaytee – exact parrot mix – large parrot

Kaytee – exact parrot and conure mix

Kaytee- exact cockatiel mix

Kaytee – treats for birds

Radical Pets - Spicy Parrot Mix

Radical Pets - Premium Parrot Mix

Shelled peanuts

Raw peanuts

Millet sprays

Micronised food


Dried parrot chillies

Super parrot cooking mix

Chick chick mix 1 and 2

Seed bells for all species

Duck laying pellets

Mixed fowl food

Floating duck pellets

Growing mash

Bio kill




Palm oil

Beak blocks

Avi-Pro Biotic

Avi Plus Complete Parrot Nutrition - Different Mixes

1. Complete mix for Small Seedeaters (Canaries, Finches, Budgies)
2. Complete Parakeet Mix (Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Conures)
3. Complete Parrot Mix to be fed with a source of fat (Sunflower seed or vegetable oil) to all Parrots
4. Sutherlands 10% Fat Complete Mix (African Parrots such as Greys)
5. Sutherlands High Fat Complete Mix (Species with high fat requirement eg. Macaws)

All diets contain roasted and rolled peas, maize and wheat mixed with a supplement. The nutritional supplements are included in these mixes to supply and balance the complete spectrum of the bird's nutritional needs. Thus all the required amino acids, vitamins and minerals are already present in the correct levels and no further additions are required.

Prestige - Exotic Fruit Mix

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