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Our aim is not only to supply hand reared companion birds and parent raised aviary birds to our customers but also to educate the purchaser on what their specific bird will need to keep it a contented and healthy bird.

Shop has been open for 12 years, owned by us since 2009 and is located in Fourways, Gauteng.

In 2011 we made the decision to expand the business and open a top class tropical fish and koi section.

We have a reputation of supplying healthy disease free birds and if we do not have the bird you are looking for we will gladly try and source it for you.

We also offer a boarding service for when you go away on holiday or business.

Need your birds wings and toe-nails clipped? We will gladly help you.

Shop hours Monday to Friday: 09h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 09h00 - 16h00
Sunday: 9h00 - 14h00

Arlette de Jager

My interest in birds began 9 years ago when my son bought his first Conure. From there it developed into a passion and I have acquired many birds of my own, some rescued, some unwanted, some bought.

I have completed a "Companion Bird Behaviour Course" through the Ethology Academy. This covers all aspects of bird behaviour, encompassing advice, solutions to help maintain healthy contented companion birds.

Brett de Jager

Manager of the fish section.
Brett has extensive knowledge on tropical fish and koi, and can offer advice about the food and all related accessories.
He can also pass on his knowledge about what it involves to own a companion parrot. Friendly and willing to help.

Paolo De Lorenzo

Joined the shop in July 2015.
"I am very enthusiastic when it comes to learning about animals, with a special interest in birds and fish. I will always be happy to help!"


Been with the shop since it first began.
Knows his birds extremely well and always willing to pass on his knowledge. Always ready to help and advise.

Michael and Brave

In charge of feeding all the aviary birds and keeping the aviaries and duck pond clean.

Simon and Lazarus

Work in the fish section.
If you need any information, these are the "go to" guys. They have many years of experience with tropical fish and koi.
They can offer advice on how to set up tanks, keep your water in good condition, and treat fish that are not well.


Work in the fish and small animal section.
She shows great initiative and loves learning. She has learnt all about tropical fish and can assist with your small animal queries. Always willing to help.

Nomatter and Sandra

In charge of keeping the shop clean.

Shop Hours

Monday to Friday: 09h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 09h00 - 16h00
Sunday: 09h00 - 14h00

Phone : +27 11 467 2045
E-mail :
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