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Welcome to Companion Pets!

At our shop in Fourways, you will find a wide variety of different animals as well as friendly and knowledgeable advice. We have everything you need to keep a happy pet.
  • We specialise in the handraising of cockatoo's, macaws and African greys.
  • We stock waterfowl and aviary birds - finches, lovebirds, etc.
  • We stock custom made aviaries as well as seed and related bird accessories.
  • We stock high quality imported koi, goldfish and tropical fish and related accessories - tanks, filters, pumps, etc.
  • Small animals we stock are dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, pet rats, hamsters, snakes, bearded dragons and tarantula's and the relevant accessories.
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Crickets and other insects for your cold blooded friends

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Toys, beds, collars, leads and food for mans best friend
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